You are thinking of Guide Your Trip, the app that tells you what’s around you.

The app keeps track of where you are and what places are nearby, such as destinations, restaurants, and historical monuments. You can have a conversation, by voice, with the app to learn more about these places.


Used technology

GPS to know where you are
Conversational AI to enable the voice conversation
Knowledge mining to collect the information
Augmented language transformers to handle the conversation content
Multiplatform development
Language translations

Information sources

The information is collected from diverse sources

Open Sources

Open sources like wikimedia, tourist information sites, local council information

Licensed material

Licensed material, e.g. Google places, Foursquare, Lonely Planet

App users

App community adding and updating places


Destinations wanting visitors

Interest groups

Group creating structured information on the internet

How to create knowledge from the information

By shorting mixed information using text summarization
By augmenting language models with summarized places information
By splitting longer texts into snippets for the conversation using language transformers.

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